Sheridan Courtney, a recent Worcester graduate, studied a joint honours in 电影研究与电影制作文学士(荣誉) at an Undergraduate level 而且 has recently completed a Masters qualification in 创意媒体在理论与实践之间取得平衡. Here he discusses the current trends in Korean Cinema 而且 what to watch next if you enjoyed 寄生虫.
A screen shot from the film "寄生虫" featuring a firmly crowded around pizza boxes on the floor

Having made film history for its international success 而且 numerous prestigious accolades, 奉俊昊的黑色喜剧惊悚片 寄生虫 (2019) has brought South Korean cinema deservedly into the minds of the masses.

Audiences unfamiliar with South Korean cinema might be wondering where to go next to fill the hole left by 寄生虫,不必再看了. 




A still from the film 主机 featuring two children covered in dirt looking at the camera

之前 寄生虫, 雪穿孔机 (2013)和Netflix原创 Okja 奉俊昊惊心动魄的怪兽电影 主机该片于2006年在韩国上映,排片数量创下了纪录. 再一次以家庭为中心, Joon-ho takes on a satirical edge 而且 political commentary in what could otherwise be a straight-forward monster film.

Loosely inspired by a real-life case in which a Korean mortician was ordered to dump formaldehyde down a drain while working for the US military, the film’s fish-like beast is conceived through similar uncaring ineptitude, 最终从汉江出发,攻击首尔市民. When the monster snatches a young girl, her family must come together to save her. 不像 寄生虫, 这是一部融合了讽刺的混合类型电影, 恐怖, 和家庭戏剧演得很好, 穿插着喜剧时刻,一点也不突兀.  


A still from the film 卑劣的 of a man with extremely backcombed hair grimacing

和奉俊昊一起, 朴赞郁 played an integral part in the New Wave of South Korean cinema in the early 2000s, swiftly becoming one of the country’s most prominent directors following the critical success of the 2003 film 卑劣的.

Part of a thematic trilogy on the futility of revenge (which also includes 对先生的同情. 复仇 而且 金子) 卑劣的’s neo-noir revenge narrative twists 而且 turns towards a shocking conclusion that is hard to stomach, 都是为了这部电影的悲剧主角, 哦,大修, 观众也一样. 贯穿始终的精湛摄影, as well as a truly impressive corridor fight sequence shot in one continuous take, 卑劣的 理所当然地一直是韩国电影迷的前沿. 


A still from the film A Bittersweet life of a man holding a gun 而且 deliberating

继续讲韩流主题, 年金’s 行动 crime 惊悚片 was listed third in Empire’s “20 Greatest Gangster Movies You’ve Never Seen (Probably).任何讽刺, political commentary or notes on the fruitlessness of revenge are left at the door of this slick, 直白直白的韩国电影, 但这并不会降低你的满足感.

一路奋斗到顶峰, 杀手善宇的任务是监视老板的情妇, a task that sees his career as a gangster quickly plummeting to the ground. Utilising glorious choreography, a suitably bittersweet soundtrack, 而且 beautiful cinematography, 苦乐参半的生活 does not pretend to be anything other than it is, a stylish piece of pure entertainment. 

Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer 2013

根据法国漫画小说改编, 影片主要用英语拍摄,由美国演员克里斯·埃文斯主演, it may feel like somewhat of a stretch to add the South Korean-Czech co-production to this list. 然而, 奉俊昊再次驾驶火车, the science-fiction 行动 blockbuster may help ease audiences who may be adverse to subtitled films 而且 transport them further down the track into world cinema.

Once again imbued with commentary on class structure 而且 holding a black mirror up against the world, 俊昊这次要解决全球变暖的威胁. 上 Snowpiercer 火车, the last fragments of humanity are hurtled across an apocalyptic frozen planet, 乘客根据他们的社会阶层被车厢分割. 和下层阶级的人在火车后面, a revolution is set in motion against the social elites of the front carriages. 荒凉,大胆,血腥, Snowpiercer is a wild ride not to be missed, 而且 definitely not to be confused with 极地快车.


A still from the film I'm a cyborg but that's ok of a girl holding a cup to her ear

已经覆盖了韩国怪物, 行动, 惊悚片, 科幻电影, it only makes sense to lighten the tone with something a little less heavy-going. 在大结局之后 复仇三部曲, South Korean auteur 朴赞郁 returned with a bizarrely unconventional romantic comedy.

英君, a young woman who believes she is a cyborg who can forego eating three-square meals per day (instead opting to lick batteries for nourishment) soon finds love within the psychiatric ward in which she is committed, 发展与一顺的关系, a young man in a rabbit mask who believes he can swipe the souls of unsuspecting people. 虽然 我是生化人 is arguably not one of 朴赞郁’s strongest films (one may look towards 共同警备区, or 卑劣的), the wacky melodrama offers a light breather between the gritty qualities of South Korea’s most well-known films. 


  • 谋杀回忆 (2003) dir. 奉俊昊
  • Okja (2017) dir. 奉俊昊
  • (2009) dir. 朴赞郁
  • 不知从哪里来的人 (2010) dir.李Jeong-beom
  • 釜山列车 (2016) dir. Yeon Sang-ho
  • 我看见魔鬼了 (2010) dir. 年金

This is merely a small insight into recent or New Wave Korean films 而且 by no means an exhaustive list, highlighting the increasing success 而且 globalisation of the Korean film industry, 更清楚的是巨大, 史无前例的评论性和商业性的国际成功 寄生虫.

The waves made by Joon-ho’s film will likely ripple into future film study, 理论与实践, 标志着电影史上一个激动人心的新时代. 与此同时, 从50年代韩国电影的黄金时代到1972年, 以及90年代末和21世纪初的新浪潮, 观众有大量的电影可以让他们全神贯注.

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