Want to develop skills in sustainability 而且 get professional accredited training?


T在这里 are a range of opportunities for students:

  • Have an idea 而且 you want funds to make it happen?
  • Learn more about environmental issues 而且 sustainable good practice
  • Work within a tangible framework to implement change, volunteering 而且 paid opportunities
  • 在您做出更改时提供专业支持
  • Recognition both within the university, locally 而且 nationally for your efforts
  • 洞察员工, 市议会, voluntary organisations 而且 other universities 而且 colleges are doing 
  • Develop communication skills with staff 而且 students
  • The opportunity to support the 学生会 和 University’s sustainability agenda
  • 帮助教授冰球突破官网的碳知识培训

联系 K.boom@worc.ac.uk at any time in the academic year if you want to take part or have a project idea which needs funding.  Our door 而且 minds are always open to discuss innovative ideas.  Funding is awarded twice a year November 而且 February.  填写此表格进行申请.

更多信息可在 Introduction to 可持续性 at the 冰球突破官网 presentation.



  • 鸟和蝙蝠箱的分布
  • SDG Button badges given to local primary school children
  • 气候应急教育工作者大会
  • 野花种子炸弹套件
  • 室内盆栽植物的馈赠


学生, staff 而且 our communities’ experiences of sustainability at a university is a significant opportunity to support a cultural shift that we need for social 而且 climate justice 而且 to help us achieve our net zero targets by 2030.  来帮助冰球突破官网测量, track 而且 continually progress this vital aspect of the university we report on how well we are doing by using a variety of methods including independent surveys such as the  可持续发展能力调查 (其中的摘要可参阅 在这里)冰球突破官网 自己的调查  和 SuLiTest . To help our community to gain the knowledge 而且 skills to make impactful carbon reduction savings we have a 碳素养培训计划 for students, staff 而且 two national housing associations who have head offices in Worcester.   We are evaluating this training 而且 will report in due course on the long-term impacts 而且 outcomes.  Initial evaluation shows it to be impactful, informative 而且 enjoyable.  学生 who want to help deliver this programme please get in touch with k.boom@worc.ac.uk 在哪里提供全面的培训和支持. 更多的目标和行动可以在冰球突破官网的 社区参与网页.


电子邮件: k.boom@worc.ac.uk